Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colors of Indianapolis Used Cars Just as Vibrant as Cars of Tomorrow

Getting tired of seeing white, silver, or black cars? Just give car manufacturers a little more time.

In Detroit, car makers were recently invited to a simple color exhibit hosted by global chemical company BASF. According to Jeff Gilbert of WWJ Newsradio 950, the exhibit featured around 60 colors that cars of the future are expected to have. Some of the featured colors are reported to have been inspired by the American Midwest.

"Haymaker – a rich orange that seems dirty, but upon a second glance, sparkles much like the charm of a rusty factory in one of America’s Rust Belt cities. 
Fitted Green – a soft green exemplifying the look of fresh mowed grass and a gentle reminder of a simpler, sustainable life. 
Gray Elevator – a dark silver that has an imprint of American culture woven through it as the tone harkens to a connected world where people come together. 
Take 10,000 – a brownish color with a lot of sparkle that reminds individuals to remember the specialness of natural experiences."

This renewed interest in color among car enthusiasts is only one, albeit remarkable, aspect of the ongoing market recovery. Having rebounded from the recession, the automotive industry is firing all cylinders to make up for lost time. As some buyers feel more confident about buying new cars, the market for Indianapolis used cars will benefit from inventory growth as a result of people selling their old cars.

Vibrant Benefits

There's a lot that can be said about vibrant car colors aside from the fact they stand out in a sea of black and white. For one, choosing the right hue is almost as important as choosing the make or model. You’d certainly want the car of your dreams to be priced within your reach and come in a color that matches your personality as well as the exact shade you had in mind.

Bright-colored cars are certainly more visible on the road. Indeed, nothing makes a statement quite like a cool car in a bold color. Experts warn, however, that color alone should not be a determining factor for car safety.

Interestingly, a study conducted in the Netherlands back in 2010 astonished researchers. Apparently, none of the pink cars used in the study, were stolen. Cars in widely popular shades of gray, on the other hand, were deemed more prone to theft.

Whatever your color preferences may be, trust a used car dealer like Xtreme Motors to offer a wide range of suitable and quality used cars in Indianapolis that best meets your needs, budget, and aesthetic standards.

(Source: "Car Colors Are About To Get Bolder," CBS Detroit, July 30, 2014)

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