Friday, October 3, 2014

Indianapolis Used Cars for Sale: They’re Much Better than Ever Before

Thinking of buying a pre-owned car at an Indianapolis used cars dealer, but the stigma that the tag ‘pre-owned’ carries is somehow holding you back from making a purchase? While it’s true that the cars of yesteryear are worthy of the worry you bestow upon them, modern used cars don’t merit the same treatment. Compared to decades-old used cars, modern used cars are better built than they used to be, meaning they last longer and are more reliable than ever.

Suffice to say, modern used cars have benefitted from the many advancements in automotive technology. Everything from the transmission system, to the engine, and even the paint job is designed to give owners many years of useful service. One recent Globe and Mail article discusses why today’s used cars will remain attractive long after their owner has given them up:

If you look through junkyards, says Paul Lamberty, technical manager for BASF Coatings in North America, a pigments and coatings supplier, you’ll notice something impressive. 
“The coatings are actually outliving the useful life of the vehicle,” he says. Cars don’t rust like they used to. Buy a vehicle today, and it’ll probably stay nice for a long time. 
It’s a subtle change – one lacking the “wow” of self-healing paint – but an important change.

Apart from the inherent durability that cars these days possess, there are many other reasons why looking at used cars in Indianapolis might be a good option for you. Here are some of those reasons:

Affordable prices

When a car has been pre-owned, there’s no question that it’s going to sell for less than when it was brand new. This is an especially appealing feature of used cars for those who are looking to purchase a vehicle on a limited budget.

Lower depreciation

New cars dramatically depreciate in value the moment a new owner drives them out of the car lot. Meanwhile, used cars retain their value longer, that’s why you’ll see some with prices that won’t decline much even after three years.

If making the most of your investment is your primary consideration, then the used car market is something you definitely need to consider. As long as you take the necessary precautions and use your good sense, chances are you’ll find the car you need at a price you can afford.

(Source: Why today's vehicles stay shiny for a long time, The Globe and Mail, Sep. 27, 2014)

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